Frequently asked questions about Qattro
and the Southport Townhouses at Noarlunga

At Qattro, we understand that buying a home can be a daunting time.

Whether it’s your first property, or your 10th investment property, we know there are countless questions you’ll have. Here are our most frequently asked questions to help you through the first steps:

How does a Qattro house and land package work?

A house and land package means you’re buying both a piece of land, and also a house to build on it at the same time. There are two contracts involved, one for the land and one for the house, and both are handled by your Qattro New Home Executive.

With these packages, you first settle on the land and then make 6 progress payments as your home gets built. The best thing about this setup? You only pay stamp duty on the land price, not the whole price.

So if, for example, the package is $345,000 which is a combination of $115,000 for the land and $230,000 for the build, you only pay stamp duty on the $115,000.

Do I need to get council approval?

No! We handle that for you. We organise the building approvals well before you even have to pay for the land, which means that once you settle on your block of land, we start building within a few short weeks. No more lengthy delays waiting for approvals while you’re paying for a mortgage on an empty block!

Once you settle on the land we guarantee a start date and lock in a finish date, and all your approvals in between are handled by us.

How much deposit do I need?

The deposits we need can vary from project to project depending on a number of things, so it is decided case by case. However, another great thing about our house and land packages is you only need to pay for a deposit on the land, not on the build.

So if we use the previous $345,000 package example, and you have chosen to offer us a 10% deposit, that 10% would only be on the $115,000 land – not the full $345,000. In that example, you would only need a $10,000 deposit instead of a $34,500 deposit upfront.

A friend built and they had to pay a $30,000 variation because their block of land needed more work than the builder thought, so they charged a big fee for the footings. Will that happen to me here?

Definitely not. We have fixed price contracts that lock in the price at the start, and we have agreed in your contract to not pass on any variations on footings.

Before you settle on the land we have done all the research to make sure your land is right, so whether we hit rock or hit sand – it will never hit your pocket.

Can I choose my colours?

With 100’s of little colour cards littering your coffee table, trying to work out what goes with what can be quite stressful. This is where we make it easy! The external colours have been designed by our architects to suit the facade of your chosen home. This has formed part of the council approval process, but inside you have some great choices!

We have professionally designed selection boards prepared by one of Adelaide’s leading interior decorators. With a number of options, there is bound to be a colour scheme you’ll fall in love with. On top of this you can trust that everything within your chosen scheme will work and flow seamlessly, turning your house into a home.

Do I have to pay Strata or Body Corporate fees?

No! Our house and land packages are Torrens Title, 100% stand-alone homes with no shared walls, no shared roofs, and no shared plumbing.

Although they’re built in a group, they all face onto a public road and have no common infrastructure whatsoever. This means they’re like any normal home, entirely yours with no community or strata fees to pay at all.

Can I choose my fittings and other specs, like lights and appliances?

With a Bosch oven and LED downlights fitted already, and even 3 double power points and an aerial point in the main bedroom, what’s left to upgrade?!

Also, the incredible pricing we achieve in our homes is in part due to our ability to buy 1000’s of fixtures, fittings and appliances from the same suppliers, which means you get to personally leverage off the strength of our buying power, while still getting the enduring quality of the products we choose. In general, it’s best to stick with the features we’ve included in our homes, as they already have the built-in smarts you deserve.

Could I be entitled to any stamp duty concessions or grants?


At time of writing, the First Home Owners Grant still applies to new constructions.

For more information on the grant visit https://www.revenuesa.sa.gov.au/grants-and-concessions/first-home-owners

Also, if you purchase off the plan before construction commences, you will be entitled to Stamp Duty Concessions. Unlike when you buy an existing home where you pay Stamp Duty on the full amount, when buying a Qattro townhouse before it is constructed, you pay Stamp Duty on the land component only – saving you over $10,000.

For more information on stamp duties visit https://www.revenuesa.sa.gov.au/taxes-and-duties/stamp-duties

I’ll be using the home as an investment property. How can I de-risk my investment?

Qattro have our own property management team, which means that we can secure a tenant for your new home ready for the day you get the keys. Imagine at Noarlunga also has the added option of the Qattro Easy Investor Kit which gives you guaranteed rent, zero vacancy days and over $3000 in benefits that will reduce the risk and let you enjoy the returns.

Ask to speak to our property management team for more information about the kit.

I’ve decided to buy. What’s next?

Congratulations! The best thing to do is email or ring your Qattro New Home Executive on 8350 5660 and ask for an Offer Form. This gives us all the details we need to get the contracts ready, and officially puts your chosen home on hold for a limited time until we meet you for contract signing.

During this meeting we can help you with finance options if you need, and even run through all the colour options at the same time. We’re proud of what we do, and we want you to be proud of where you live. Thank you for trusting us with your big decision!

How does Qattro keep me informed throughout the build of the property?

Building a home shouldn’t mean you’re staying in the dark. Unfortunately with most builders you’re left out of the loop as soon as the paperwork is signed.

Qattro’s Client Portal changes that. It keeps you updated with a realtime, personalised tracker for your project. You can watch your house be built virtually – with each step of the process recorded and synced with your site supervisor. In fact, it integrates everything you need to know into one easily accessible place.

Through the Portal you can view a complete transaction history and access your documents, communicate directly with your dedicated Contract Administrator at Qattro, and monitor key progress onsite as it happens. All this on your computer, phone or tablet.

Qattro’s Client Portal – track your home from Land2Living™.